During the 1970’s, several agricultural organizations agreed to meet during the legislative session of the Texas legislature. Representatives of the organizations were eager to discuss legislative matters that were of direct interest to Texas agriculture and its allied industries. At the same time, those who participated at these meetings wanted to maintain their autonomy to ensure that their respective memberships retained individual control over their legislative and regulatory agendas. As time passed, more and more agricultural interests began to join in this forum for discussion of issues pertaining to Texas agriculture.

It was not long before the participating organizations realized the importance of sharing information and cooperating in areas of common interest. At that point, it was decided that the group should become semi-formal under the name of the Texas Agriculture Council. The original intent of the founding members has been maintained over subsequent decades. The Texas Agriculture Council, oftentimes referred to as the Texas Ag Council, Ag Council or simply TAC, has existed primarily and foremost as a forum for discussion. While individual members may have specific legislative or regulatory agendas and take positions on important legislation, the TAC does not take a formal position on legislative matters … leaving that responsibility to individual member organizations.

It is not uncommon for TAC members to participate in sometimes spirited debate about proposed legislation and/or regulatory reform. The member organizations do not always agree on important topics, but TAC meetings afford members the opportunity to support or oppose various pieces of legislation or regulatory changes, and to point out why they support or oppose particular proposed legislation or regulation. When all the dust settles after robust discussion, members walk away with a better understanding of important issues, and while there may be disagreement … all part ways as friends and peers each respectful and mindful of the other’s opinions and actions.

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