Become a Member

Membership to the Texas Agriculture Council (TAC) is restricted to bona-fide Texas agricultural groups, organizations or industry partners as determined by the TAC Executive Committee, with final review and approval by the full membership. If you would like to learn more about TAC, or if you are interested in becoming a member of the organization, you may contact any member of the Executive Committee, or any current TAC member. Once your request has been reviewed by the TAC membership, you will be notified of the outcome or your request. Meetings are convened in Austin, Texas weekly during the legislative session, and monthly in the off legislative years.

Membership Benefits

Your membership to the Texas Agriculture Council provides important benefits for you and your organization. You will be able to participate in legislative and regulatory discussions that affect you, your organization, and the Texas agricultural industries. Representatives of state regulatory agencies and members of the legislature and/or their staff are often invited to present their views on particular legislation or regulatory matters, or to provide important updates. Subcommittees are frequently charged with digging deeper into specific issues, and to report back their findings to the TAC membership. At the end of the day, your organization will have the necessary information to provide you with an educated background to help you formulate position statements, or take action on legislative or regulatory issues. As TAC does not take a position on any particular issue or topic, your organization is entirely free to decide its own legislative and regulatory goals and objectives, and to work with other members of the TAC family who share your interest.

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