Texas Beekeepers Association was formed in 1880 to provide an environment where established beekeepers could meet and share methods and experiences, while learning new techniques and discovering new research. It’s focus, then and now, is about the honey bee, it’s survival and management.

Over the years the Texas Beekeepers Association has developed to embrace beekeepers of all kinds. Commercial beekeepers with over 300 hives, Sideliners with up to 300 colonies and the small scale beekeeper with up to 25. This, as well as the new beekeeper who wishes to keep a hive of honey bees in his back yard. Everyone who cares about the plight of the honey bee and who understands the great need to preserve this master pollinator is welcome to join our Association.

Leesa Hyder, Executive Secretary

400 County Road 440, Thrall, Texas 76578


Phone: 281-460-0344

Contact Information

400 County Road 440 Thrall, Texas 76578


Phone: 281-460-0344

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