We promote, preserve and provide meaningful experiences with Paint Horses.

  • The American Paint Horse and those people who treat them gently, humanely and with respect.
  • The unique skills and talents of our members.
  • The equine industry and working with other organizations to achieve shared goals and ideals.
  • Those who conform to accepted form-to-function conformation standards, which contribute to the breed’s versatility.
  • All programs and services that promote a rich family life for our members and encourage leisure activities, recreation and fun.
  • Long range planning, sound financial policies and continued investment in the future of APHA.

Billy Smith, Executive Director

PO Box 961023, Fort Worth, TX 76161

Phone: 817-834-2742

Steven Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer

PO Box 961023, Fort Worth, TX 76161

Phone: 817-222-6432

Contact Information

2800 Meacham Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76137

Phone: 817-834-2742

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