The Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council (TACC) is a voluntary statewide industry association created by Texas cooperatives themselves in 1934 to serve as a collective voice, catalyst and clearing house on all co-op activities in the state. Its home is in Austin, Texas.

Education is the key to success!

TACC offers as many as 21 educational meetings each year to advance the understanding of the cooperative for m of business to directors, members, staff and industry representatives. TACC recognized that it is knowledge that provides the solid foundation upon which success is built…

Information gateway… getting from here to there!

TACC provides its membership with a virtual information gateway to valuable information across a spectrum of important issues. Information is conveyed through newsletters, special mailings, informational meetings, e-mail and the internet. Reliable information is central in today’s agriculture…

Government relations is an everyday effort!

TACC monitors nearly 5,000 bills throughout a legislative session, serves as a watchdog on regulatory initiatives, is represented on more than 15 government task forces, and actively participates in the election and campaign process…

Brian Lehrmann, President

P.O. Box 187 Ropesville, TX 79358


Phone: 806-562-3621

Tommy Engelke, Executive V.P.

1210 San Antonio St., Ste 101 Austin, TX 78701


Phone: 512-450-0555

Fax: 512-450-0655

Seth Stephens, Legislative Committee Chairman

P.O Box 69 Floydada, TX 79235


Phone: 806-983-2821

Fax: 806-983-2800

Contact Information

1210 San Antonio St., Ste 101 Austin, TX 78701


Phone: 512-450-0555

Fax: 512-450-0655

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