The Texas Association of Olive Oil (TXAOO) supports, promotes, and defends the growing, harvesting, processing, marketing and sale of Texas olive oil. TXAOO, through its members, coordinates all olive related activity in the state of Texas.

The Texas Association of Olive Oil (TXAOO) was established in 2016. TXAOO working with the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas A&M AgriLife and the American Olive Oil Producers Association, combines all segments of the olive industry together in one organization which can effectively work to promote and develop the Texas olive oil industry.

Currently, Texas accounts for a very small percentage of olive oil production, with the majority of the commercial oils imported from Europe, and the bulk of American olive oil coming from California. However, the Texas industry is growing! Your support of Texas olive oil ensures continued growth and development of this industry in Texas.

Michael Paz, President

PO Box 151 Walburg, TX 78673


Phone: 979-533-3414

Ilissa Nolan, Government Affairs Consultant

4330 Gaines Ranch Loop Suite 240 Austin, TX 78735


Phone: 512-348-4948

Contact Information

PO Box 151 Walburg, TX 78673


Phone: 713-818-5487

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