The Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation Inc. was established by the Texas Legislature in 1993. The cotton-producer run, nonprofit foundation governs and oversees the implementation of the boll weevil eradication program in Texas. For the 2002 growing season, 11 zones, representing about 6 millions acres of cotton, will be active in the eradication program.

The Southern Rolling Plains zone was the first area to start the program on 220,000 acres in the fall of 1994, and was declared functionally eradicated, the first zone to achieve eradication, in September 2000. The Rolling Plains Central zone was declared functionally eradicated in February 2002.

Lindy Patton, President and CEO

Zach Brady, Legal Counsel

Contact Information

Telephone: 325-672-2800 

Toll Free: 800-687-1212

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5089

Abilene, TX 79608

Email: communications@txbollweevil.org

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